by Tall Can & Generik

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BubbleKeiki one of the most underrated artists I ever met.this is pure dopeness.unique beats,creative raps presented by a voice made for rapping.If you don't buy this, you ain't got no <3. Favorite track: Since You Been.
John Parnell
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John Parnell This albums great. and by great i also mean pretty freaking crazy. Had me questioning the material physicals of my surroundings, it was after 3am, the soundtrack to my sleeping dog, myself and muted porn on a second screen to my right. two people sleeping on a coach outside my door, pretty sure both hate me. one id been intimate with for the last 4 years, the other?..well, its his house. I had to play it loud . Favorite track: Sacred Stone ft. Generik.
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fungi is the biological nuke that expands the consciousness
psyche is the mind and soul
boots we rock as we travel various planes and terrains

EXTRASPECIALGOOD (San Diego CityBeat Review)
Tall Can & Generik

If Generik is involved in a record, thereís bound to be a degree of certainty that it contains some top-notch beats and rhymes. So it is with Fungi.Psych(E).Boots, the local beatmaker and emceeís collaboration with rapper Tall Can. Based on the name, itís pretty apparent that this collection of songs is heavily influenced by some mind-bending substances, and as such itís one hell of a sampladelic trip. Generik treats each of the recordís 18 tracks to various layers of heady effects and soulful, jazzy weirdness. Tall Can holds his own as an emcee, punctuating these tracks with his herky-jerky flow, but he could be rapping about anything and these tracks will still be incredible. Pure hallucinatory ear candy.

-Jeff Terich

i wrote the majority of these songs in 2014-2015 ..alot of weird shit happened and instead of bottling it up i wrote about it on my skin with melted crayolas then rapped it into a microphone..recognizing that the human mind never stops growing and expanding i dwell in the caverns on the psychonautics blue-print layed out before me..these states of psychedelic wonder and trippy-being can be reached without a chemically induced lunch..but i suggest everybody dose themselves a few times before they hit the gravesight...fungus is good for you....420NOiZE 4 LiFE // LEFT iN COMPANY till DEATH !


released November 18, 2015

All spells cast by Tall Can

All beats brewed and bottled by Generik

Recorded by Tall Can
Engineered by Generik
Generik spells are featured where noted
15 features Aneken
Original cover photo by Cannon Photography
Design by Generik & Tall Can
Bonus photos by Jessica Johnson (
Alternate Designs & Covers by Mathias Kruse & STuK
Special Shout Out to Buffalo Bob



all rights reserved


Tall Can & Generik San Diego, California

fungi is the biological nuke that expands the consciousness
psyche is the mind and soul
boots we rock as we travel various planes and terrains

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Track Name: Info Session
info session
( let us pray to the fantastic planet )

ayo.. if u whistle then these plants will crack
just listen for they planned attack
our satellites are breaking down
they've grown to smart , fathom that
pets with no sandbox beast with no leashes
the one we found we named after earth & then we teased it
slip these headphones on transmit no cut
with your info-session steady blazing our skies get stuffed
with my elders meditations it's unholy for OMs to know
the tribes against the gods just let it flow
casually stomp out disruption in a way the things run off an axis
sacred to the how cosmos plays with planets like marbles
and humans like vermin , bet if they ever possessed their own planet
they would ruin every inch of it
one has broke free , now the reigns of control --we're barely pinching it
it's barely sinking in , secrets of the moon they've slyly discovered
guess they are really equal in this universe just let the spheres hover thought it would never happen
but the jester like pets have slit the blue necks of the captain
its fun to watch them freak out when they loose all control
cant just exist as they own on the road to nowhere
where we created ourselves
slaves to the universe they tortured our mothers untill they fell
that's alright..we forgive the big eyed creators
all hail earth for he is the savior
bounce back and forth as we create our own way
we learned their secrets of their moon and consistently floated away OM is how you say ..your in a meditative state like master sinh floating away
Track Name: organicLULz
maybe when you've killed you'll understand
but untill then i guess you'll only deserve a hand
and by that i don't mean a round of applause clap
you deserve a claw just to hold onto when the butterflies bite back
sat right by the shoreline & slowly found it all
crush the mellow-dramatics like a matchstick
with the paws of a stag-mite
yo i swear i'll find some actrite
or carelessly loose myself in the pitch-black with no flashlight
pillbox filled with opinions better recognize that realization of self is forbidden
and so is dancing, my brains fried like charlie manson
watching hunger force unplugging these lava lamps
and get right stoned back 2 grooving crows cry out to the sun
slowly piecing together outright destruction
congruent yo these mothafuckas can't do it
all eyes no toenails no actions cant flow into a blueprint
by any means, moldy beams pigeon feet schemes
FUCK YOU this is my dream
to loose it all and find a new 400 times
bang my head against THE WALL while running towards the slime
yO , mystery wagon happenings fuck the miscellaneous chatter
on a mission to nowhere fuck the ladders and the rungs
yo your mind is where your hung your heart is of no part
farts in the dark
arts numb

cry out like theres no ink in the pen no substance left in the bottle
no imagination in wind , i dig those dark rides streetlights absorb the vibes
breaking buds down in my palm the roads run under my soul like needles to the vinyl
surreal spinal tapage while we ravage the mic and savage-fy these ties
youve called down the thunder now you must deal
i steal energy and project it back through silent fields

ha yo the iron oar poured as the years passed the door and the shroom boots soared
yo i said the iron oar poured as the years passed the door and the shroom boots soared
yo i said the iron oar poured as the years passed the door and the shroom boots soared
yes yes the iron oar poured as the years passed the door and the shroom boots soared
Track Name: Armchair Feelies
this is the story of the walker with no toes
prolific stalker sand benches left exposed
children of the moon and corn have all met up
body surfing in a crimson tide in submarine get-ups
let up everyone seems to be dreaming
well lets wake they punk ass up and blow smoke into they reasoning
rhymes held no worth under her curse
a silly drag from a joint rolled in a lily pad HURT
dont trust any of your reel-ins cast out another line
the devil does the dealings
she says one thing he says another
dont get caught up listen to all your acid-mothers
get bombed with satan's sister
these are armchair feelies you wont miss her
these are armchair feelies you wont miss her
these are armchair feelies you wont miss her

every chord on the guitar is strung out in your mind
repetition stays skipping through the CD-R recline
just please be kind and rewind
stuffed leaflets and cheap shit in reptile minds
try to say what's on mine --manure crop circles
sewer rhymes aluminum acronyms and propped purple
stuffed crust right into your lungs
left out just to test out how my rungs can be climbed
2 enter 1's mind and catch these feelies from an armchairs recline
catch these feelies from an armchairs recline
yo enter your skull
exit your mind
Track Name: Bermuda ft. Generik
Tall Can

does the sun know darkness if so when
does it even get to enjoy anything beyond light to a full extent
i gather not the witches gather round the pot the warlocks hold down the block
the gypseas stur poetic thought what have i got
an egghead tripping in the eggshell
a tab eater at the imax rolling joints and casting spells
what will i never be
successful and full of greed holding onto cash for longer than a seconds flash
with intent to breath in hazardous chemicals
holding in the essence of Chernobyl
the weapons of mass destruction i use to speak on now hide in my vocals
i been to the darkest passage and died twice
from the love of self destruction and the ability to tie myself in knots
rice, rinse , recycle , repeat minus the seconds you spent living on the street
yo life is not a mission nor is it a race
and time never existed and neither did the other race
i'm relapse into progression decline the distraction
next year will either be the same or severly different and tragic
magic of the gathering bunch of pog based dreams
electric kool aid fed to my pokemon i'm on my own team


this mfkka tallcan is a madman/
dont fuck around unless you want the proverbial backhand
get your ass blasted outta cannon
crash land in a mansion fulla assasins named shannon
school you in a game of backgammon
snatch a delorean give you a mouth full of manure like biff tannen
jonaire is a phantom from the ellen sea hoverin like a shadow
a wizard under a hoodie swingin a lasso
pullin jewels from obscurity through a wormhole
spice em up to serve to the universe and watch em burn slow
magnet the masses to gather round the trash fire
planets aligned to elevate the vibes of a sad writer
disasterous masters for hire, casually distractin a biter
to swallow a nuclear missle psilo-cyber
lose your mind to the science, introverted chameleon
from bare minimum to a million worshippin oblivion

Tall Can

just know when i get to speaking on birds, sea-lions, and revivals i'm in the zone
like golden perculators at the bottom of the bong
nothing to proove cept i already know how to loose
and i stood in the same line for days just to be sent back to the crude
ink droplets in the cement dude im trippin its raining
i cypher with multiple personality's and pure jet hanging
cosmic chevy parts poisonous 9mm darts shocked into the gazebo
oak handles stained with cheetoh marks
snails train and steak a fat claim to a softball brain
that's malnourished and untrained but still able to hang
this aint a city or a scene just a buncha crusty dreams
it's easy to make music but no so easy to succeed
overpopulated tide-pools come equipped with all wack smells
shitty music about money re-cooking instrumentals and cracked rails
no bars no hype
just stolen style and 1 lonely mothafuckin mic
Track Name: Moon Scissor Sin
yo, if i sing you one more song would you please let me live
i can even make it about your sweet wife & kids
remember them ? nah of course you dont bro
you've made the killing fields your home a private sector full of drones
anybody feeling themselves is getting shot
dragged out on the block if they look different getting dropped
into a pile of corpses all ages & size no matter
i dictate how these words live beats are the concentration platter
shattered minds in a grass hut
artistic kids rich with emotion
keep the lower class shut
we need more writers , we need more beatsmiths
we need more poets just to speak , shit
i had to fly down from a cave and on that final destiny
i sharpened blades and lost my name
remember that there was once a time
when networks weren't social and all the govt wanted was your mind
children of time need to grow slowly and not get lost in the rhyme
cause now a days everybody wants 2 be an artist but there once was a time
when creative people would have got sharded
stabbed shot stomped out if your not breathing after begging for your mothafuckin last jot
of the pens scribble
but you said you'd let me sing
the bayonet will be my death i wonder what the next life brings

43 years of a life before its time magic vest spilling mantras as the moon learns to shine
this was a land way before mind before you could speak how you felt
before it was cool to rebel
before pol pot cracked the shell before hippies died out
and foreigners perfected musical spells
cause you see thats all im saying
that this man was a genius the cambodian richie havens
elvis fuck that that's an insult
sin came from the soul and spoke of harmony lives and love stencils
new moons he crooned untill it was time to speak up and use his voice for the truth
tell em how it is
governments and royal families all eventually sell out to war and shit
war and rifts in the most beautiful land
take a second to remember sin wherever you stand
Track Name: Since You Been
who am i kidding yo this shit was all a dream
nobody was truely there so can how we be gone know what i mean
i guess you wouldn't , i guess i can't
dance around this fire that's invisible yet quite clear from this stance
viewpoints get mixed up in a styrafoam slit cup
death to all races alien ties to these gripped nuts
bolts and screws loose untied
the type that can say I DONT GIVE A FUCK and not lie
your all victims of your own spells i dont gotta cast shit
iron mask through your glass tits
fishing with the moon i've realized that this tomb is not a place for babygirls or dragoons
catch the moths whisper i shit in your elixir your ink is all shifted
and your image perfectly twisted
i really swore i seen all this shit coming i guess i should have slowed down
fuck that keep runnin

my horoscopes are charles bukowski notes slowly separated by miles of serrated rope
galvanized minds slowly finding themselves in tubs of rancid lucy
it's gonna take a scroll of spells to keep these demons that have come to consume me
away for a couple more nights lessons forget the ruins decrepit blessing through it
love is just a blueprint don't follow it too closely the final structures usually stupid
loneliness and boredom got to growing then the vessels rushed in
combust winds obsessive flowing when the ride tide kicks off
you know its from the soul
two corpses still kicking it in a sunken bed how they roll
how it goes man i dont know how it was or will it come back again
you gotta ask your soul
minus control atleast if felt good
motivation to feel even better through these dealt woods
Track Name: Lazer Tag ft. Generik
Tall Can

tectonic plates shift off into outer-space growth is never foreseen in this unforgiving race
knowledge is laced with everything in-between the secret table of elements
stuck behind computer screen digital lies rhyme with all the bullshit
they find when lady liberty's lips split off the vines
i remember as a kid i use to sit back never said to much
smoking blunts hanging off the craft
mind on the sky eyes on the screen just another brainwashed youth
smoking out the guillotine YUH !
the music makes me relax the music makes me crazy it makes me relapse
scummy spiritual form lost rider on the storm
fuck rhyming in your well known organized form
unorthodox shaman you caught us at the right time we just got signed by top ramen
so all the struggling to be the hustler you chose will make all the bearded winos laugh
upon this sunken road it doesnt mean shit you gotta stand under nothing to understand
what it means quick fast lives never meant to last unless you can loose it all
for no reason but just a gasp


speak, move, pride, lust
think, prove, thrive, trust
nuture, grow, balance flow
remember, know, burn, glow
love, seed, kill, die
share, feed, give, cry
nuture, grow, balance flow
remember, know, burn, glow

act like you live life w/ no limits
you could lose it all in a minute, finished
your recent discovery is my ancient past
future wars are fought in virtual laser tag
find our faces etched in the gold
our memories are fables painted in the mold
evidence of our existance are in the patterns
your remains are trapped in the amber in caverns
creators of reality n knowledge gets
confusing when there is nothing w/out conscioussness
your a glitch victim to automatic poise
my ideas spawn from holographic noise
N Tossed at the captains of the spaceship
Captivating aliens gravitating to great shit
Heavy is the crown but only few know the king
if you ask around, youll hear of “no such thing”
Track Name: Dep.Tank/ Mt.Fire
old ladies swimming through my veins young snails curling liquor bottles in the rain
punched god with a fat tab fungi boots living life through a napsack go to sleep
burp out solid message like a sheik counting goldcaps tripping hard for weeks
closed eyes reading minds as the time folds unable to see numeric fountains and rhymes
rolled in the sandbox filled with spiders made of keif tarantula style is how she liked things
only thing abstract is the right things sense made is never truely enlightening
roll back all the time zones understatement of time and mind that the rhymes gone
never really in the first place was in there for a second only in there for a buzz
relapse to an old state of mind five finger discount on the mystic muse and her severed spine
stomp out disloyal roaches in the backwoods sweetly sweep back
onto the runway filled with cat whiskers filled with fat sisters filled with sap twisters
visions and goals should be kept to yourself
parallel deprivation tanks on a shelf
while we fish
while we miss


ayo im gratefully deceased breaching mother nature's reach
strumming herbal crumbs off the sun back of my mind sweating like el paso
terrapin station on vacation off the spirits speed and wine dancing in the morning dew
lacing every green glase of wine and balloon that passes by i'ma loser in my uncle's band
don't ask why but this ship of fools has long passed by
i'ma wharf rat talking to himself on a dark star
trying to stay dead in the land of overcooked breathing
always staring at they phones they aint learning much
but that the rooks can be decieving
queens and kings eating shrooms listening to scarlet begonias
focused on the moon
you know the days cant be long when its so easy to loose yourself
in the burning mountain of fire made of wrongs and rights
this song is night the shrooms is day every thing in sight lets write
Track Name: PERMAfried
eating ten strips while the sunrises
burn the mainframe making mud pies
recording and writing all day
all these dumb lies society spats out on the regular
are just scheduled distractions
within the nebula's of inter-webs networking's and virus-heads
that run around infront of all these lame shows
tabs made of satan wicked mass communication
take a dip into this vial living wild papyrus flying high out on vacation
skating with all the fears both sides of THE WALL
yet both are broken down in tiers
one string of energy consciousness erupting
if you can loose it all to rearrange the dragons paws
i suggest you do something of the sort as fast as possible
your own lord mixed with a possum horde

yo its just like Georgia on my mind
this is the state of the song and the rhyme :
permaFRIED and cross-eyed never coming back
whats written in the stars cant be erased or snatched
deflated life-rafts

left out in this ocean floating sand pits full of joint ashes
bottle cap coral reef corrosion erosion is home
destruction of free thought is a drone
too man clones running around THE GNOME
i got the jug-band blues and i wish you were here
we use to crate dig in the great gig in the swap-meet in the tears
lost in the eyes of a dead cat hanging off the end of a bumper
randomized with my junk , sir

yo its just like Georgia on my mind
this is the state of the song and the rhyme :
permaFRIED and cross-eyed never coming back
whats written in the stars cant be erased or snatched
deflated life-rafts

((some weird shit)) ((suck my dingus))
Track Name: Green Skies/ Nothing To Do
yo if god really loves ugly i'm probably doing lovely
my lungs are about as wrecked as my face FUGLY
SHROOM-BOOTS fungi that let loose
i drank the fluid out ya lighter and proceeded to call a truce
dead rover head over dont forget to send all ya women over
breaking bank for exposure
this is the pre-paid lifestyle you chose to live
doing shows for other rappers and performing for kids
no literally 4 kids were in the crowd
bozo meets homie the clown to tell jokes on crusty wow
if we aint all in the same boat were just sinking
using each other for life-rafts lost all up in the habit of drinking
hazardous thinking overstand its nature's stance eyeballs are blinking
its easy to tell she was raised by the snails
cause she's doing everyone salty while unable to smell
unable to tell whats really going on
mind manipulation while frying and burning herbs out the bong
yo its just another day spend the whole way getting blazed
pinch the sack and i'll kill you
we all got problems some will send you six feet
they rest will just revolve
when your too strong to care and too weak to show
lost my mind in green skies and it came back as a crow

((shout out to the staler statler sisters))

i've got nothing 2 do but sit around and smoke bongloads and write
then glorify being busy for just one more night
there is no reason or no rhyme plus no season or no time
the sickness is one of progression where your next step is a mine
be sure to follow the line walk it of you wanna
worship the dollar signs and vast quantities of fallen products
stampede of greed you need money to be happy
pocket insulation of dead presidents plus the stacking
tides of illumination rhymes that switch station
lazy good for nothing bums with no ambition or creation
untill it all became the same
doobie-catchers in the rain the dreams meant nothing if you cant fully remember where they lay
no sense in getting paid just gonna spend it to relax
drown out the voices for a day
then hit the tree-sap and relapse
maybe i just need to do something
get up get out and move something
you know chase the dreams of someone else and a fool
chasing spleens in a pool body parts of a toll
working on church bells as i drool
yo a moth carried me here so i could duct tape the mirror
reflections are over-rated and so all your peers
live for ya self and nothing else leather jacket spells
a flannel hell patch initiating hells wratch
fungi boots were the stash
fungi boots were the stash
now smash
Track Name: Sacred Stone ft. Generik
Tall Can

it's protection nothing more but natural selection
sage bundles burn in the intersection
my eyes are bugged out
Molotov scribe-bys in a glass house cut the medicine bags down
hung myself from the wires , licked batteries under desire
culture can cook slow find where your spirits at
bunch'a mumbo-jumbo money rhymes FUCK THAT
we climb kaleidoscope peaks n find
there's no coming down sometimes
snake oil and bat piss
whiskey beards and rat shit
dead rabbits
sometimes lost is the best route
follow dragons home chase through a dense cloud
of confusion and remedial rhyme schemes
numbers become letters and type dream
truffle shuffle
truffle shuffle
no going home beds are now rubble
truffle shuffle
truffle shuffle
no going home beds are now rubble
hash bubbles


fat knuckles, dad troubles,
join the cult now before the fad doubles
TC, jonaire re constructing dreams
rappers these days are just a bunch of memes
rendezvous back to the matrix
50 grand worth of beats from the raven
21st century caveman bag of bones
download skeleton key to the catacombs
calico, vagabond e mo ji
no strings on me shinobi
Too many clicks, not enough bullets
too many dicks, not enough mullets
mass subconscious I hi jack you like that
nuke your psyche, if your gonna take the ride
youll need these boots on the other side
Track Name: John The Savage
ayo his name was john the savage he lived high up in the trees
otherwise he was dwelling deep underneath the surface eating fleas
diseased and stuffed with chords unplugged from the drugged horde
he stared at the sky high as fuck unable to find the lord
the devils been waiting ever since he was 6
while he gripped his mother hands tightly
as her sister fully emptied the clip infront of shackled eyes they sit
no longer shall there be unrest
the conquest divided into a complex design
they lost it all and reformed in the nerve packing of a spine
they dine with no utensils or caution
in the canyons made of razor-blades we spit loogeys in coffins
hot box the mind while dropping tabs the size of marbles
in the back of elevator shafts startled by the martyrs
beam down and loose the whole meaning of a song
of everything you once stood and fell for for so long

he scratched the color from his eyes
so they couldn't recognize the lies
he told them how the future would be
and they played it off like a disguise
wigs of wisdom clogs of confusion
his message was one of energy
raised by abraxas in a blueprint
the new world that burned soon as it was built
all is one under the sun they chug molasses untill they get killed
slow pokes in a fire place embers die in a lace vision
my mind is tied to this song hung by a timed escape

said i was running on electricity wires and suicides my desire but only if they love me and become a line of fiber in the geyser that shot mushrooms in the sky dont ever ask me whats my musics about
i couldnt tell you even if i tried i go blind and absorb light
scribble hieroglyphics on my skin then run it back inside a fish tank
full of nitrous oxide in the wind youll see my visions
speakers tell my words tune ya self out drop in then break ya face over a curb biatch
Track Name: Mazhar Bizzare ft. Left In Company
Tall Can
Most the time i'm overthinking a coyfish thats been drinking
stale toilet water and slaughtering offerings tossed towards the sink
when will this madness end i'm in a lighthouse atop a spinal chord
breaking wind punching time cards inside grass huts
sippin ayahausca rapping to the carpet made with love
is the bark stronger than the bite
will the miles that you traveled justify all your spells working right
hell nah
technology deads down the sunrayz
sacred energy enough to burn runways
my beard got stuck in the landing gear so i'm unable to drift down
yet still standing here
clear the gate to zap it all down
burn the herb so i can see straight and make sound
i've laid down with in the middle of the fiber
to see why we all disconnect within these wires


These lines get snorted by a portion of the awoken
But most of it goes over the heads of the mentally broken
Cranium sunken battleship, brain flooded with blood
your as fly as a bug cuz everyone just wants to be loved
don’t gimme that post ironic desire
Courtesy clap volunteer crotch fire
Lost in the pyre and found in the shire
Freelance energy magicians for hire
Been rockin longer than a wizards beard
Castin extravagant spells so listen here
This is not a hobby,it’s the core of my being
Horcruxes stored in the doors of my schemes
And I don’t give a flux, if u fight or flight
Most mc’s suck and they like to bite
Sometimes I just wanna push you in
So I can have an excuse to swim
Track Name: Route 11
just trying 2 figure where i'm going without ever knowing
gotta try to stay up to see whats going down
the glowing of the street lights guide me
a traveler's wicked writing
enticed to a life capsizing
ticking time is man made and so is your race
you all know where i come from no need to tell it in spades
a story stuck to a blade razor chopping the rain
sleeping in the gutter baptized by drug smoke and pain
anguish no time for a lane-switch
when it seems you got nothing left
just means your souls turning the page quick
shut off the lights and go outside
let the souls occupy your dwelling
your only along for the ride

just trying to figure where im going without ever even knowing
looking up to see whats going down dead breeze is where im floating
mind is open so wide it'll never close shut
only 18 years old clearing the whole plate with one snuff
cold clutch of drugs left me stuck
ide be the first to let you know i wasnt living and didnt give a fuck
but honestly i was scared vision shakes voice impaired
never said to much unless i was thizzed out
the bullshit stories i shared were just for the crowds
forming in the back of the glasshouse shits rowdy sit your ass down
before my pops come out here tripping
i'm dipping cigarettes we're robo-living
everyday consumption of whatevers in these little pills
at will we drop em with no thought of a backfire
only respecting fresh highs while punching holes in a flat tire
this recessions definition is just life-cycled repetition
down through the ages cold flavor switching
while im sipping burghandy burboun up out the bottle
the bottle my fathers passed down swig like theres no tomorrow
living life with no control your bound to loose your soul
or it just becomes an eerie essence dwelling over empty grave holes
to say im the same bro would just be a lie
so i try to recover and backtrack
six different nights in 09 i watched my friends die
or learned of it the next morning no need to again cry
so now im loosing my mind and its starting to show
making boatloads fall off the earth in one stroll
roll my life into disaster now im trashing my own home
disrespecting my only help in this lifetime im so gone
out into the wild
parents close they door outta pure love 4 they only child
wont be a lonely while atleast thats what im thinking
we'll just post up on the block everyday will consist of smoking n drinkn
within the next couple hours reality hit
no more pills to pop no more herb to smoke shit
lost and burnt out better think of something quick
Track Name: PSYCH!
im no longer trynna live in the shadows and divide the depths of solitude burn the base that supplies any form of self control breaks down the roles shake round your soul faith down a hole whole empty page worth living for any day when music is all you got and really just wanna say everything at once but really cant form one lyrical lightning flash throughout thoughts thunderous storm gotta live for the day nothings ever promised except life and decay what ive come to realize is the minds a playground not to say lifes a game but you might wanna stay round ya safe zone dont get ya face blown off from continuous drug usage and refuge within a tea kettle
not making sense fuck the dollars worth count the crows on the fence boarded up life so now its dense like fat nugs of hash vincent price she lent me a spare of succulent flash and a dark blue suite spill wine on all the lies sprinkle crack on the truth burn away throughout the night where she lays with the crooked spine aligned with spirits grooving from far away never knew what to say till i lost it all an gained it back in just one day